Why patents and industrial property rights?

In addition to trademark and design rights, technical property rights in particular, i.e. patents and utility models, are an essential part of protecting newly developed products or processes. Apart from originality, another prerequisite for the grant of a patent is an inventive step – an innovative approach that goes beyond merely combining properties that are already known. The same applies to protections as utility models, even if the Patent Office does not perform a substantive check of this, in an effort to afford the quickest protection possible.

In exchange for publication of his idea, the applicant is then granted the right to the sole production, marketing and use of his or her invention for a maximum of 10 years (utility model) or even 20 years (patent). This gives the patent owner an opportunity to solidify his or her unique selling points and to protect against unwanted imitation.This protection is always territorially limited to the country in which the patent application has been made, but nowadays there are a number of international agreements that permit extension of this protection to many other
countries all over the world without much effort.


Continuous extension of our Tenowo patents

Innovative product developments, the combination of different technologies to create synergies, as well as the development of new fields of application, have been a part of TENOWO’s core competence since the beginning. This makes technical property rights an indispensable part of
our strategy to strengthen our market position.

We have already registered or acquired industrial property rights in more than 60 cases since the 1990s. Today, our innovative solutions enjoy worldwide protection thanks to a portfolio of around 25 active patent families comprising a total of 40 patents and utility models.

Highlights of our industrial property rights

Nonwovens for acoustic applications

Demand for a sound-optimised human environment is constantly on the rise. Special nonwovens for acoustic use can serve different areas of application to improved sound absorption. Among other things, our technical nonwovens are used as protection
against rattling in cars, or as interior fittings in office spaces.



Process for manufacturing a stitch-bonded nonwovens (fabric substitute)

TENOWO has successfully developed particularly sophisticated materials for use in wire harnessing that meet the various requirements of strength, abrasion resistance and ease of manual tearability. As the specially developed Maliwatt product can achieve higher performance levels, it can replace the fabrics used in cable casings with nonwovens.


Base nonwoven fabric as a coating backing

There are a variety of requirements that roof underlays must meet, including very high mechanical load-bearing capacity and good water-vapour permeability with simultaneous impermeability to condensation. Accordingly, they are structured with multiple functional layers, all based on a textile backing. Innovative, water jet-reinforced nonwovens by TENOWO have a special gradient structure that makes these very functions possible and ensures particularly good adhesion to the other functional layers.


Carbon thermal nonwoven

This innovation offers the possibility of thermally consolidating of carbon fibers after a carding process in a way that is gentle on the fibers. The resin impregnation process required for composite materials is not changed through a largely open structure. Surface influences such as those caused by pinholes or sewing threads are eliminated, so that class A surfaces are possible without further effort.

The carbon fibers themselves are secondary raw materials.


Textile backing for fitted carpets

Often, the pile of tufting materials for the flooring industry is integrated with a coating and a backing made of mesh materials. The carpet comfort backing developed by TENOWO and made of Malivlies combines look and feel, and meets human-ecological requirements, too. A Malivlies backing can add exceptional home comfort, impact sound insulation and thermal insulation as well.


To be continued!

The overview presented above gives an impression of the variety of innovative highlights we have patented at our locations all over the world. Gradual extension for pioneering projects is already undergoing preparation and testing and is constantly being put to practise by our competent and strong development team.


TENOWO regularly publishes articles in a wide array of industry-specific trade media. A selection of publications in PDF format is provided for your information. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.


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