Carbon fiber nonwovens as an innovative and sustainable reinforcement textile

In the last few years the use of carbon fibers has already proven many times that its unique properties revolutionize entire industries and set new impulses. These fibers are not only attractive due to their special look, but also because of their functional properties. As a result, they can be used to target different problems and needs across a wide range of technologies, such as lightweight construction, corrosion resistance and also sustainability of materials.

We at TENOWO produce nonwovens from " virgin carbon fibers" as well as from waste and cut fibers from the carbon fiber processing industries, in other words from recycled carbon fibers (rCF).

Application examples

Medical devices
Sporting Goods
injection molding
commercial vehicles

Further application possibilities

The possible applications of our carbon fiber nonwovens are enormously diverse due to their outstanding properties. Potential applications for rCF nonwovens are fiber reinforced components (applications for example in automotive/ construction/ transportation/ aerospace/ sports) and heat or electromagnetic shielding. Other applications: Sporting goods, mechanical engineering, boat construction, mold manufacturing, commercial vehicles, consumer electronics, medical devices and construction renovation.

Recycled carbon fibers as a valuable raw material

Carbon fiber recyclates (rCF) are contrary to general opinion not waste, they are a valuable, sustainable raw material, created for a 2nd application masterpiece, the so called "Sustainable2nd Life". Regardless of whether virgin fiber or recycled fiber is used for nonwovens production, a wide range of material properties can be achieved, which find applications in numerous industries. The use of rCF nonwovens offers enormous benefits and demonstrates special advantages.

Benefits and properties of our rCF nonwovens

How we return waste materials back into the cycle

The fibers as raw material for the rCF nonwovens are provided by carbon fiber processing industries. These can be edge trimmings from fabric and scrim production or fibers from "end of life" components. In addition to pure carbon fibers, blends with other fiber types, for example thermoplastic fibers, can also be processed according to customer requirements.


From carbon fiber to nonwoven


Material designs


Needle-punched carbon fiber nonwovens


Maliwatt Carbon Fiber Nonwovens


Needle-punched hybrid nonwovens (carbon and thermoplastic fibers)


Maliwatt hybrid nonwovens (carbon and thermoplastic fibers)


Carbon fiber nonwovens combined with continuous textiles


Technical specifications

Properties Stitch-bonding Needle punching
Fabric width Up to 150 cm Up to 200 cm
Grammage 100 g/m² – 350 g/m² 100 g/m² – 600 g/m²
Grammage tolerance +/- 10 %
Carbon fiber lengths 40 – 80 mm
Fiber orientation cross laid

Processing methods

Our carbon fiber nonwovens are well suited for the following processing methods:

Hand lamination, press processes, resin infusion processes, winding processes, pultrusion and autoclave technologies.

Shape examples


Bicycle seat


Freeform component




Freeform component

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