The optimal combination for safety and comfort

For the manufacturing of our nonwovens we start with selected and soft viscose fibers. If necessary, they can be blended with super-absorbent fibers to achieve very high levels of absorbency. Our all in-house production processes allow us to add other outer layers with different characteristics to obtain innovative composites for advanced dressings. Thanks to our impregnation lines, we can obtain products with targeted actions.

This broad and flexible production possibilities allow us to offer our customers comfortable and safe products. This makes us the ideal partner for manufacturing products to our customers' specifications.

The wound care range


Classic wound dressing


Modern wound dressing

Product range:

  • Pads for plasters and postoperative medications
  • Super-absorbent pad material for premium wound-treatment products used in advanced wound dressings
  • Super-absorbent antibacterial pads
  • Pads with various impregnation options:
    • Antibacterial, antimicrobial and/or antiseptic
    • Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey
  • Eye pads, detectable pads
  • Haemostatic pads, pressure pads
  • Silver or aluminum coated net pads
  • Pads with aluminum layers
  • Sustainable pads: Plant origin pads, biodegradable pads


  • Soft and comfortable for the patient
  • Quick absorption of liquids
  • Easy to apply and to remove
  • No adherence to the wound
  • Sustainable pads available

Customization on request:

  • Numerous nonwoven combinations available (layer structures)
  • Several possibilities of impregnation


  • Impregnation
  • Lamination
  • Cutting
  • Spooling

Product specifications:

  • Grammage: 40 to 350 g/m²
  • Standard slits: 20 to 1600 mm
  • Customization on request


According to customers’ needs, packaging and labeling can be customized.

Our service - flexibility and competence

All our services are customizable, to offer you production flexibility and high-level quality. Contact us to explain your needs, with over 35 years of experience we will be happy to support to study with you the best solution.


We can laminate various materials to create innovative composites for medical applications


Our cutting lines allow us to customize the rolls according to your needs, obtaining bobbins from 20 mm to rolls up to 1600 mm


We can provide spooling rolls that allow you to optimize your production processes


Thanks to our technology, we can impregnate our nonwovens with different substances and therefore offer innovative products with added value. You can thus obtain pads with antimicrobial, emollient, healing, soothing, haemostatic, etc.


Tenowo Italia S.r.l., based in Milan, is a 100% subsidiary of Tenowo GmbH.

Due to DIN 13458:2021 certification, we create the conditions for the development and manufacture of medical devices in compliance with all necessary regulations.



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