Tracheostomy Pads

The reliable individual solution

All SafeSorb tracheostomy pads are distinguished by their ease of use and their high absorption capacity. The pads consist of a tri-laminated nonwoven combination:

Patient side
Changing the pad is simple and safe. The special net structure minimizes adhesion to the wound. Blood, fluids and exudate pass to the internal absorbent layer and the wound surface remains clean. Moreover, the wound side of SafeSorb ALU is bacteriostatic due to its special coated aluminum layer.

Inner layer
Soft and highly absorbent nonwoven viscose fabric. Thanks to its low thickness, the dressing is comfortable, breathable and manageable during daily replacement operations.

External layer
Ensures cleanliness and hygiene due to the water-resistant barrier retaining exudate and blood inside the pad.



  • Soft and comfortable for the patient
  • Quick uptake of liquids
  • Prevent adhesion to the wound
  • Easy to apply and to remove, thanks to the pre-cut
  • Water-resistant layer on the external side to guarantee cleanliness
  • CE marking for Class 1 and 1s medical devices
  • Optional: Alluminum coated non-adherent net with healing and barrier function against bacterial contamination


  • SafeSorb TP1 (non-sterile): Box, including 10 packs with 10 pads each (100 pads in total)
  • SafeSorb ALU (sterile): Box, including 100 single-packed pads


Highly absorbent tracheal dressing. The net on the patient side prevent adhesion to the wound and therefore guarantees easy dressing changes.



The aluminized net prevent the adhesion of the pad to the wound and therefore guarantees an easy dressing change. Thanks to its particular structure it has a healing and barrier function against bacterial contamination.

Absorbent Mats

Cleanliness and economy in the operating room

Hygiene plays a crucial role in the particularly sensitive surgical environment. We developed a portfolio of special, reliably absorbent floor mats with this in mind. These disposable, super-absorbent mats absorb liquids quickly and reliably during surgical procedures. They reduce the risk of slipping and the expense of cleaning the surgical area. Moreover they are easy to use and easy to dispose of.

Their sophisticated structure consists of several layers: The outside layer rapidly wicked even larger amounts of liquids into the inner super-absorbent nonwoven fabric. There, the liquids are safely trapped by transforming them into a non-drip gel. The mat surface remains just as pleasantly dry and clean as the entire area surrounding the operating table.

After use, the mat can easily be disposed of along with the other hospital waste.



Properties of our absorbent mats:

  • Disposable hygienic mats for operating theaters and hospital environments with high absorption capacity
  • Various models and compositions with different absorption capacities are available
  • Easy to handle for maximum cleanliness and safety
  • High degree of safety thanks to the multilayer construction
  • Absorbent gel reliably retains liquids inside
  • Easy to use, non-slip, easy to dispose of, economical solution
  • Medical Device Class 1 ‒ CE Mark


  • Roll: 90 cm x 50 m
  • Single pack: 90 cm x 45 / 60 / 76 / 116 / 150 / 200 / 250 cm

Product Range of our Absorbent Mats


Top performance and safety
  • Conical 3D net to limit the rise of liquids
  • Super-absorbent fibers trap liquid transforming into gel
  • Non-slip bottom layer to guarantee excellent adherence to the floor
Operating theaters and all departments and applications where a huge amount of liquids must be trapped.


Quality and protection

  • Net to speed up the liquids absorption
  • Super-absorbent fibers trap liquids and transform them into gel
  • Non-slip bottom layer to guarantee excellent adherence to the floor
ICU, laboratories, sterilization departments and hospital wards, veterinary and dentistry clinics.

ClinStand Eco

Price oriented, high quality

ClinStand Eco_Aborption_rates
  • Net to speed up the liquids absorption
  • Medical grade viscose fibers
  • Non-slip bottom layer to guarantee excellent adherence to the floor
Clinics, medical offices, dental offices and all price oriented applications.


The viscose-only choice
  • Conical net to limit the rise of liquids
  • Viscose fibers inner layer
  • Non-slip bottom layer to guarantee excellent adherence to the floor
Useful in all the hospital and sanitary applications where a viscose-only mat is needed.


Dry & safe

  • Viscose upper layer
  • Non-slip bottom layer to guarantee excellent adherence to the floor
Hospital departments, laboratories and clinics.



Clin Roll Holder

  • Polished stainless steel
  • 4 pivoting wheels with brakes
  • For rolls up to 1 m high
  • Base diameter: 45 cm
  • Total height: 110 cm
  • Support tube diameter: 40 mm

Absorbent Covers

To simplify day-to-day operations

ClinLAB WP is a line of covers specially designed to protect surfaces, to keep them dry and to ensure the safety of operators by quickly absorbing any liquids as well as hazardous or contaminated substances. Two models with different absorption capacities and for different applications are available.


Rapid absorption and safety

ClinLAB WP_Aborption_rates
  • Quickly absorbs substances and conveys them to the inner layer
  • Ensures the safety of operators and keeps surfaces dry
Drying tools and equipment, test and histology laboratories, chemotherapy preparation departments and all departments where it is necessary to keep surfaces dry and clean.

Properties of our absorbent covers:

  • Easy to handle and easy to dispose of
  • More economical in comparison with currently used materials (longer service life due to its absorbency capacity)
  • Multilayer construction for fast absorbency
  • Maximum cleanliness
  • Medical Device Class 1 ‒ CE Mark


  • ClinLAB WP 100: > 1.0 L/m²
  • ClinLAB WP 140: > 1.4 L/m²

ClinLAB WP 100

Designed to protect medium to large surfaces. It is also perfect for drying tools and equipment thanks to the softness of its fabric, which leaves no residues due to its special structure.

60 x 90 cm
Box: including 70 single packed covers
Roll: 90 cm x 50 m
Drying tools and equipment. Keep desks, tables, lab benches and surfaces dry and clean.

ClinLAB WP 140

Due to the rapid absorption of substances guaranteed by its special composition, the safety of operators is ensured by avoiding the contact with potentially dangerous or contaminated substances. Thanks to the practical dispenser, the cover is always ready for use.

22.5 x 30.0 cm
Box: including 6 dispensers with 50 covers each
Test and histology laboratories. Chemotherapy preparation departments. All departments where it is necessary to keep surfaces dry and clean


Protection from cross-contaminations

Very often, patient monitoring equipment accessories, specifically non-invasive blood pressure cuffs (NIBP) are used from one patient to another without prior cleaning and disinfection. The cuff can come into direct contact with skin, blood, dirt and pharmaceutical substances. To protect NIBP cuffs from possible contaminations, we developed CuffShell.



Safety first

The used material for CuffShell has passed strict controls to ensure the safety of the users.



  • Protection of the cuffs
  • Prevention from cross-contaminations
  • Safety for users and operators
  • Single patient
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit every type of cuff and patient
  • Medical Device Class 1 ‒ CE Mark

Product design

CuffShell’s minimal thickness does not alter pressure detection and consists of two layers:

  • Layer in contact with the skin: soft nonwoven for patient comfort.
  • Inner layer: waterproof film to ensure that the cuff is isolated from the outside and the patient’s skin.


Standard: 60 x 16 cm
Large: 68 x 19 cm
Paediatric: 27 x 13 cm


Size Standard and Large:
Box including 10 packs with 25 pieces each

Size Paediatric:
Box including 25 packs with 10 pieces each


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Due to DIN 13458:2021 certification, we create the conditions for the development and manufacture of medical devices in compliance with all necessary regulations.



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