Surface nonwovens by TENOWO create a ‘buffer layer’ between the reinforcing materials and the outer finish of fiber-reinforced components. This provides an effective way to eliminate the typical fiber and textile print on the surface.
Possible color deviation (color matching) due to the influence of the reinforcing materials (e.g. black carbon fiber) on the color of the surface (e.g. white gelcoat) is not noticeable.




Due to the build-up of a pure resin layer, the tendency to pinholes is minimal, which results in a considerable simplification of the painting process.
Further advantages of the nonwovens in the finished component are the increase in impact strength and abrasion resistance.
The lightweight and thin nonwovens are made from different fibers (PAN, PET, etc.) as hybrid variants (blends of several types of fibers) if required, and are compatible with most resins such as polyester resin, epoxy resin and vinyl ester resin if the material is selected correctly.

Hybrid nonwovens are also used in thermoplastic processing to smooth surface structures.

Technical data

Characteristics PAN PET
Fabric width 152 cm 152 cm
Grammage 35 - 80 g/m² 35 - 80 g/m²
Grammage tolerance +/- 10 %   +/- 10 %
Type of reinforcement Needle -punched   Needle -punched
Fibre orientation Transverse (cross-laid)   Transverse (cross-laid)

Alternative fabric widths and grammages are available.

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