TENOWO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nonwovens, has expanded its technology and production portfolio with the addition of another product group: ‘Zetaloft+, a sustainable and recyclable nonwoven with innovative properties for a variety of applications in the automotive sector and other segments of industry.

The trend

‘Sustainability’ is a buzzword that is of great importance, especially in the automotive industry, due to the transformation currently under way. This is a trend to which we intend to and will contribute. New and extended product characteristics, recyclability, environmental awareness and the conservation of resources are the focus of attention. Working alongside our customers and partners, we have succeeded in developing genuine added value to this new generation of products.

The product

Zetaloft+ is a homopolymeric, voluminous and recyclable nonwoven with new acoustic properties. Interesting additional functions can be achieved in the end product thanks to the special arrangement of the fibers and possible thermo-mechanical after-treatments. Depending on the application, foams and other core materials are also replaced. Zetaloft+ is used in different widths and weights of up to 1400 g/m².


Applications and properties

  • Acoustic damping and insulation for noise encapsulation of drive engines and battery components
  • Temperature-stable and flame-retardant for different fire classes, where necessary also media-repellent relative to different liquids
  • Basic component for foam substitute in vehicle interiors and exteriors (roof liner, seat, underbody constructions and door side panels)
  • Aid for use in the production of car seats
  • Core material for hybrid CFRP/GRP add-on structures as a replacement for heavyweight foams

Our customers and partners

TENOWO works and develops with renowned industrial customers, OEMs and leading research institutes across a very wide range of projects. Has this aroused your curiosity? Get in touch with us.

In cooperation with a manufacturer of X-ray equipment and tfc, a manufacturer of fiber-reinforced composite components, TENOWO was able to realise the first medical device project. The project gained momentum after the Composites Europe 2019 trade fair in Stuttgart, where the companies exchanged ideas on the topic, and was series-ready within a year.


Carbon nonwovens from TENOWO are used as a reinforcement textile in a wall of a X-ray system. The wall is used for patient fixation and therefore sets high demands on the materials used. At tfc, the carbon nonwoven material is infiltrated with resin in a pressure-based manufacturing process and turned into a component. The component is then painted and can be delivered to the X-ray equipment manufacturer for assembly.

Carbon nonwovens were qualified as a highly suitable material due to its excellent mechanical properties and its ability to achieve excellent X-ray transmission. The components have a sandwich structure with foam core and carbon fiber cover layers.

Apart from the economic aspect, the patient's exposure to X-rays was reduced compared to conventional X-ray equipment, while image quality was increased.


Other advantages and applications

Previous tests also showed that other TENOWO materials offer advantages in addition to carbon nonwovens. The topic of "nonwovens" is now part of further developments by the manufacturer and offers interesting approaches for applications in the field of electrical machines (motor, generator) and machine tools.

FIT to FORM - Sustainable nonwovens for shoulder pad production have been in successful use since the 1970s

TENOWO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nonwovens, laid the groundwork for a very successful business as a supplier to the apparel industry back in the mid-1970s. With the development of innovative materials for use in shoulder padding, and in close cooperation with a globally active company, in the field of shoulder padding production for the apparel industry, Tenowo managed to position itself as the worldwide market leader for this product group.

The product


The difficulty in developing these products was and remains the effort to combine a wide range of properties with implementation of specific customer requirements, while taking market pricing into account at the same time.

To this end, nonwovens were developed on the basis of a wide variety of reinforcement methods in cooperation with suppliers of raw materials; these nonwovens included thermally, mechanically and chemically reinforced nonwovens.

The technology of ‘chemical reinforcement’ has emerged as a good balance between the properties achieved and a good cost profile. As the extremely positive feedback we have received from all of our well-known clothing customers and ready-to-wear retailers confirms, our outstanding performance has made us a best-seller to this day.

Ever since the market launch, the products have continuously been developed further and adapted in light of the latest market developments and customer requirements.

Today, we offer 9 different core products, ranging from 50 g/m² to 135 g/m², in a variety of colours and widths, for different applications in the top and bottom layer. With the end customers in mind, the portfolio was also extended to include developments and products for use in the interfacing for jacket fronts (coated and uncoated) and armhole stabilisation.

Sustainability and "made in Germany"

One current focus for shoulder padding items is on sustainability and is shaped by the use of recycled and renewable raw materials. In addition to the energy (ISO 50001) and environmental management systems (ISO 14001) for sustainable production and the Öko-Tex 100 certification that have been in place for years, Tenowo has set itself the aim of achieving GRS certification.

As a global player, Tenowo is proud that it can continue to offer products that are made in Germany.

Applications and properties


Our products combine core properties and offer advantages such as


  • good, stable volume
  • soft and pleasant to the touch despite good reinforcement and integration of the fibre materials to reduce pilling
  • good deformability, free from wrinkling and creasing effects
  • good elastic recovery, as well as
  • washing and dry-cleaning resistance

Our customers and partners

TENOWO works closely not only with suppliers to the apparel industry but also directly with clothing manufacturers and brands to quickly and continuously respond to the trends and requirements of the markets, and to implement this in sophisticated and tailor-made further developments.


Has this aroused your curiosity? Get in touch with us.

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