TENOWO’s Zetastitch is a specialty nonwoven utilizing proprietary stitch-bonded nonwoven Multiknit technologies. Tenowo’s stitch-bonding technologies transforms fibers into a three-dimensional material. The material is easily laminated or coated to a virtually unlimited variety of transportation seating cover stocks, films, adhesive webs, and polymers.  Zetastitch offers unique physical properties that enable its use in transportation, recreation, and industrial applications.

Applications for Zetastitch Multiknit

More applications

  • Transportation Seating: foam plush pad replacement (auto, bus, rail, aircraft, etc.)
  • Transportation Trim: foam replacement: roof liners, parcel shelves, luggage-compartment lining, door side, dashboard, cold air diffuser, and other trim options)
  • Infrastructure: Cured in place pipes (trenchless pipe rehabilitation)
  • Filtration: Filter edge binding
  • Athletic Shoes: Performance Strobel sock.
  • Acoustic Improvement: Recycled wallpaper, mobile partitions, sound-absorbing office equipment

Performance spectrum

Grammage and surface feel

Our technology can be used to map grammage ranges of 150 g/m² to approx. 450 g/m² and thicknesses from approx. 2 mm to approx. 6 mm.  The feel of the material can also be systematically influenced by means of a process of thermal consolidation.

Combined with laminating materials


Multiknit ultrasonic bonded with textile fabric


Multiknit sewed with velour-leather


Multiknit flame bonded with synthetic leather


Hotmelt-lamination with textile fabric


Multiknit with perforated leather

The benefits of Multiknit for seating applications

Zetastitch Multiknit use is growing incredibly fast, particularly in automotive seating. As a sustainable alternative to foam, the market demand for Zetastitch Multiknit is very high; well-known OEMs in the premium segment have been using it with success for years, thanks to its improved longevity performance, pleasant textile feel and its superb fit in even critical areas of seat contours.

In addition, Zetastitch offers excellent air permeability, creasing / wrinkle resistance in composite form. It significantly reduces FOG/VOC, and hydrolysis issues. All of these incredible properties are offered as a sustainable nonwoven made from recycled fibers that in certain forms can even be recycled at end of life.

Zetastitch Multiknit is going to be certified under the well known GRS criteria.


Benefits and properties at a glance:

  • Higher performance ingress/egress compared to traditionally used materials
  • Compatible compression hardness and resilient properties, similar to traditional materials
  • Improved finishing (better fit, good shaping performance, optimal sewability)
  • No breaks, kinks or wrinkles in the composite compared to upholstery products
  • Greater seating comfort thanks to improved air permeability and moisture wicking
  • Less fogging, emissions or odor

Benefits over foam

From plastic bottles to High-Tech-Nonwovens


Sustainable nonwoven solution

The environmentally-friendly production operation is entirely mechanical and thermal. The use of materials is also characterized by reliance upon sustainable basic materials – in the form of recycled and/or renewable raw materials.

Colorful fibers and nonwovens


Ecological Footprint


Is energy-saving and occurs only through mechanical and thermal consolidation, without chemical additives, certified under ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management)


Unproblematic in terms of fogging, emissions or odor


Use of recycled and/or sustainable raw materials


Completely recyclable when carried out in 100% PET (GRS certification planned)

Long lasting durability

Excellent INGRESS/EGRESS test results

TENOWO recently completed a 50,000 cycle Ingress/Egress test cycle with a Multiknit and Polyester cloth laminated assembly. The results of the testing have shown Multiknit to be a superior performer with full rebound to its original characteristics and no delamination of cloth, vinyl or leather. The seat cushion insert showed line to line scan data that further supports the limited wear statement.

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