Foam substitute for upholstered furniture

for all pioneers who want to make the furniture industry more sustainable


With Zetaloft+, we offer upholstered furniture manufacturers an innovative material that replaces foam, is more breathable and is sustainably produced in germany.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Short supply chains with regional partners (especially in the Upper Franconia region)
  • Recyclability of the end product, if it is sorted by type
  • Recycling/s during the production process
  • Use of recycled fibers (from e.g. bottle flakes) possible
  • Better CO2 footprint compared to PU upholstery foam (LCA analysis planned)
Filling material for pillowsPadding for seat cushionsFoam replacement for armchairs & sofas

Sustainable and Made in Germany


Zetaloft+ is an innovative monopolymeric, voluminous and recyclable nonwoven for almost unlimited applications in a wide range of industrial segments. Due to its numerous advantages, this innovative material is very well suited as a foam replacement.

Our product can not only be recycled. Sustainable or recycled fibers (e.g. made from PET bottles) can be used instead of virgin fibers to produce the nonwoven.

All our Zetaloft+ articles are Made in Germany.

Advantages for the production of upholstered furniture


Breathability: 8 times higher air permeability than comparable PU foam


Sustainable fibers and recyclability
for end-of-life product


Very good Resetting capacity
(memory effect)


Individual cuts
or cutting dies


Laminability: can be laminated with various other materials


easy further processing,
e.g. cuttable with textile hand knife

Versatile use as a foam substitute


Home textiles and upholstered furniture

  • Armchairs / Sofas
  • Seat cushions
  • Cushion fillings
  • Seat cushions (outdoor / garden)

Children and infants

  • Mattresses for children's or baby beds and strollers
  • Upholstery for baby car seats and child seats
  • Core material for play rugs and mats
  • Padding for baby sleeping bags

Medical & Healthcare

  • Examination couches
  • Padding under plaster / support bandage
  • Transport wheelchairs

Advantages of Zetaloft+ over PU upholstery foam

Upholstery material in combination with outer fabric: properties in comparison

 = [PU foam] and [upper fabric]

 = [Zetaloft+] and [upper fabric]


Air Permeability [1 / m² * s]

Especially in the area of air permeability, our product has significant advantages. Compared with a commercially available PU foam, which is comparable in basis weight, thickness and bulk density, our Zetaloft+ has a much higher air permeability than the PU foam, both in the non-laminated and laminated state.

Our volume nonwoven is therefore much more breathable than a PU foam, there is no heat build-up and therefore no "sweating".

Currently, tests to determine the emissions and VOC values are still in progress.


Thickness [mm]


Maximum tensile strength transverse and longitudinal [N]


Maximum tensile elongation transverse and longitudinal [%]

Increased comfort for the end user:

For the end user, there are further positive effects for comfort. The nonwoven fabric is breathable and fulfills high seating climatic and physiological properties in an air-permeable composite.


Improved emission behavior:

Furthermore, these nonwovens are low-fogging materials, which have a reduced VOC load and optimized emission behavior. The evaporation of the plastics used and the volatile organic compounds of the synthetic materials used are reduced.


Depending on the thickness and volume weight, we supply the material as a roll or as a sheet. The standard size, if it is a slab, is 200 cm x 150 cm. The board dimensions can also be customized to optimize your material consumption.

Individual cuts and also punched parts (e.g. circular or oval) according to your desired format are possible on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Process of Recycling

The volume nonwoven fabric Zetaloft+ consists of a significant proportion of recycled PET fibers, as well as recycled fibers from fiber pile production. In a single-variety composite with a face fabric and a laminating aid, this can also be 100% recycled and used again.

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