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Tenowo Automotive

Tenowo is one of the leading manufacturers of highly engineered nonwovens with a global presence as a partner to the automotive supply industry. Our nonwovens are currently used throughout the world by all leading OEMs. The 8 different manufacturing processes for nonwovens within the Tenowo Group enable the development of individually tailored solutions for the needs of our customers.


Chemically bonded and thermo calandered nonwovens, needle-punched nonwovens, spunlaced and thermo fusioned High-Loft nonwovens, stitch-bonded nonwovens in the categories Malivlies, Maliwatt, Multiknit, Kunit and Carbon compound.


  • Nonwovens for decorative interior
  • Nonwovens for acoustical applications
  • Heat shields
  • Nonwoven for injection-molding
  • Secondary backing for floor mats and underbody components
  • Foam substitution for seats
  • Wire harnessing
  • Special technical tapes