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Tenowo Industrial

Opportunities in the field of industrial applications are spread widely over various sectors. For example, technical nonwovens from Tenowo are used in filtration, the electrical, construction and timber industries or as base material for coatings. In addition, hybrid nonwovens are produced from carbon fibres and used in lightweight constructions. The flexibility of the nonwoven manufacturing processes at Tenowo, combined with various finishing and refining processes, underlines the company's expertise and reliability as a partner to the customers.


Chemically bonded and thermo calandered nonwovens, needle-punched nonwovens, spunlaced and thermo fusioned High-Loft nonwovens, stitch-bonded nonwovens in the categories Malivlies, Maliwatt, Multiknit, Kunit and Carbon compound.



-        Dry: household area, textile industry etc.

-        Wet: Drill emulsions and various liquids

Carrier material for coatings and laminations

-        Backing for PU leather

-        Shoe industry

-        Home textiles etc.

Secondary carpet backing

Fibre-reinforced synthetics FRP

-        Vehicle production

-        Aircraft manufacturing

-        Wind turbines


-        Impregnated

-        Washable

Other technical applications

-        Construction and electrical insulation

-        Fibre composite materials

-        Carrier nonwovens for the construction industry

-        Other carrier components for various industries